Laura’s reading was right on target. Very precise and intuitive. She gave me encouragement and direction to make the best decisions for the future. I highly recommend her services.

Joy R., Brooklyn, New York

Your reading was incredibly insightful and justified my intuitions!! Amazingly therapeutic!!

Isabelle, Sales Director, New Jersey

Laura was able to advise me on things like the best time to make the change of residence I’ve been planning. There’s an incredible comfort that comes from someone describing your own life to you in a way that makes sense for the first time. The general uneasy feeling I had before the reading completely dissipated with the clarity she gave me. She seemed to understand intimately what I was going through and confirmed for me what I had suspected about my future and recent past: there are bigger and better things to come!

Laura Ashdown, Writer/Entrepreneur, Toronto, Canada

My reading was so beneficial to me – you have no idea! It was AWESOME! What a great hour spent and what a beautiful talent you have.

Mandy Barton, Commercial Realtor, Medina, TX

Laura’s explanation of my birth chart sent chills up my spine in a good way. She has given me new insight into areas of my life & personality to explore & develop. I loved learning about the “houses” and planets and she explained why I get stuck & stay in the past, explained my creative blocks, and shed light on some hidden talents that I’ll soon be exploring.

J. Eddy, Yoga and Occupational Therapy, Rockport, MA

Laura gave me clarity and confirmed feelings I had when she explained my career forecast. I’m feeling clearer and better about things and looking forward to the future. I can’t wait to tell people about the reading.

Dustin Petrie, General Manager, Club H Fitness, NYC

Laura showed me a lot of insight about my career, besides just getting my personality pretty right. I made some good decisions about whom to work with in my business that she had pointed out in my reading.

J. Rowin, Musician/TV and Film Composer, Los Angeles

Laura was fantastic and right on. It was less about looking into the crystal ball and more about where the stars were aligned the day I was born. It was something everyone should do!

Dr. J. Goldstein, NYC

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