The 12 Signs Their Keywords and Planetary Rulers

Aries – I am – ruled by Mars

Aggressive, ambitious, athletic, impatient, argumentative, pioneering, insecure, impulsive, fiery, wants to be first, puts ideas in motion courageously

Taurus – I have – ruled by Venus

Pleasant, luxury-loving, financially-minded, gourmet, stubborn/bullheaded, stable, earthy, determined, dislikes change

Gemini – I think – ruled by Mercury

Intellectual, dualistic (has 2 sides/likes variety), chatty, social butterfly, informative, articulate, curious, mentally quick

Cancer – I feel – ruled by the Moon

Nurturing, emotional, cranky/crabby, moody, sentimental, romantic, mothering, martyr-like, can bully then cries like a baby, caring

Leo – I will – ruled by the Sun

Expressionistic, dramatic, sunny, fun, life-of-the-party, loyal, loving, ostentatious, braggart, performer/actor, proud, generous

Virgo – I analyze – ruled by Mercury

Humble, detail-oriented, hard-working, practical, health-minded, critical, nervous, can be bookworm/introvert, loves routine, sharp mind

Libra – I balance – ruled by Venus

Attractive, mediator, partner-oriented, well mannered, lazy, pleasure-loving, artistic, can go to extremes, seeks harmony, judging

Scorpio – I desire – ruled by Pluto/Mars

Intense, passionate, likes to test their own limits, sincere, vengeful, mysterious, flys high or crawls low, can transform self

Sagittarius – I see – ruled by Jupiter

Optimistic, foreign-travel minded, philosophic, seeks higher education/knowledge, has foresight, exaggerates, gypsy-like, can pontificate

Capricorn – I use – ruled by Saturn

Wise beyond years, cautious, ambitious climber, melancholy, organized, old when young but grows younger, nostalgic, penny-pinching, methodical

Aquarius – I know – ruled by Uranus/Saturn

Friends with everyone, rebellious, doesn’t like intense emotional involvement, techie type, inventive, flys above it all, reformer/rebellious, idealistic

Pisces – I believe – ruled by Neptune/Jupiter

Truth seeker, empathetic, compassionate, sympathetic, very artistic and sensitive, can delude self, must watch for drug/drink issues, gravitates to spirituality, visionary, easily influenced

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