About Astrobabe

Astrobabe Laura is an experienced instructor and psychic astrologer with over 30 years of experience. She began reading for friends and family as a young teenager and entertained at Hollywood parties, reading charts, tarot cards and giving psychic readings. With her gifts as an articulate and strong intuitive, she is known for pinpointing more detailed information for a client than what is seen inside a basic astrological profile. She is available for private parties and events and has worked in Los Angeles, Boston and NYC. Recent entertainment event appearances have included Macys.com, The Writer’s Guild, Fordham University, The New York City Ballet and PR Firm Autumn Communications. She recently was featured as the tarot reader for the TNT hit series The Librarians’ promotional tour, and has been featured in Maxim, Women’s Health and the New York Post, making celebrity predictions.

More about Astrobabe

Astrobabe began her studies of astrology at the age of seven in Hollywood, California with her astrologer mom, who was a student at the Science of Mind School. She has studied eastern mysticism, the occult, wicca and paganism, has practiced Nichiren Buddhism, and is well read in a variety of metaphysical subjects.

Her astrological talents cover tropical placidus astrology, with a background in esoteric and evolutionary astrology. Some of her favorite astrologer authors are Donna Cunnigham, Liz Greene, Jeff Green and Grant Lewi.

As a young teen she fibbed about her age to work at one of the leading occult bookstores in Los Angeles, The Prophet, which catered to students of the occult, pagans, a large group of Satanists living in Redlands, Hollywood actors, musicians, and fans of the beautiful hand-crafted, New-age jewelry sold at the store (which once sold jewelry pieces owned by Aleister Crowley).
She has practiced psychometry, tarot, automatic writing and channeling from an early age.

Interesting facts about Astrobabe:

  • Student of the Theosophical Research Society, The Philosophical Research Society, sitting in with groups at a very young age studying HP Blavatsky’s the Secret Doctrine and The Great Books
  • Attended classes led by a serious devotee of Sai Baba, and owns Vibhuti, gifted to her and materialized by Sai Baba himself
  • Studied A Course in Miracles as a young teenager
  • Very familiar with naturopathy, natural remedies and homeopathy
  • Part of Al Anon groups and ran an Al-Anon Women’s meeting for over 4 years in Cambridge, MA
  • Her earliest career wish was to be an Egyptologist and she learned hieroglyphics at age 6
  • Studied fairy and folklore of Ireland at Harvard University
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